I've been terrible about posting, but I actually want to start being regular.

Had a big day after work today, my propane burner was done drying, and I needed to move some bee frames over.


My partner and I moved over one of the hives from a small 5-frame nuc box into a larger 10-frame hive, as they were running out of room. We evenly separated the old and new frames. I suspected this was wrong, and turns out I was. You're supposed to put the frames together and let them expand out. I went in there today and moved some of the old built frames closer to each other. While I was in there, I noticed that the bees were drawing out a patch of the new frames. This is good, because they have home-made foundation. We poured wax out on parchment paper and cut it to size. It does not have the hexagonal pattern on it like the commercial foundation. IMG_20190729_191108-1



I have a 1983 XL600R. I've been attempting to get it running well enough to daily drive to and from work. The latest issue has been the carburetor air screw. Either I, or a previous owner, snapped the head off the air screw, which makes it rather hard to adjust it (Read impossible). I attempted to drill it out, and thought I had completely destroyed the threads. Today, in the mail, I got a replacement air screw. It came in a carb rebuild kit from ebay, along with a replacement spring. I tried to put it in today, and realized that there was actually enough thread to thread it in. I still need to repair some of the threads, maybe with some JB weld. The thread size is still to be determined. IMG_20190729_190347
With the air screw in, I took it for a ride. Cue the normal tough startup routine, but once I got it going, it had all the power I remember from it. I believe I have some head leaks, as there seemed to be oil coming from maybe the valve cover? Still need to check that out. It bogged down on me, and I remembered that the oil had gotten a little water in in. What a good owner I am... I drained the oil and the milkshake looked more chocolate than vanilla so it should be fine.

Motorcycle airbox cover:

Over the years and the plastic airbox cover for my bike loosened and fell off. I wanted to 3d print a replacement. I'm getting close on getting the dimensions correct. Checkout the picture for this. I'll be posting as I complete it. Probably post on thingiverse.

Propane foundry:

I attempted to build an oliver upwind burner, with some modifications. I made it out of a 12 inch pipe, and when I covered the back and actually had a #57 drill. It makes an alright flame, but is missing the flame cones I see on others. Maybe I need a flare on the end. Another possibility is that my propane regulator is too low pressure. I'll need to get an adjustable regulator (With a longer hose). Additionally, it goes out when I try to force air through it with a hair dryer. I'll need to figure that out. I tried to use it in my foundry, based on the King of Random design. I'm using a small coffee can as a crucible. However, I was not able to melt aluminum. I don't know if that's because my mixture is off, or my lid doesn't fit right, or the cover is ill fitting. Updates to come!


I'm deciding to get more organized. I can't hack if I'm looking for stuff all the time.

Things to follow up on:
  1. Propane burner mixture
    a. Hair dryer blower
    b. Flared end

  2. Motorcycle
    a. Bicycle speedometer before I make mine
    b. Air screw threads (How to make threads with JB weld
    c. Wiring
    d. Air box prototyping
    e. Oil
    f. Lights

  3. Bees
    Keep checking on them!