I bought a house! As I start to do things in it, I'm realizing it might be nice to document what hacks improvements I make along the way. This is not that. I brought my motorcycle here, and I finally got mad enough at the leaking oil to want to fix it. Also it wouldn't start, but baby steps. I pulled the engine so I could fix the leaks, as well as give it a good once over.

Motorcycle without carbs
Remove Carburetors

Remove all the bolts holding it, remove though the right side:

Engine on table
Previous owner used gasket maker to replace an o ring. Gross. 
And they covered up a bolt hole? Huh?

Good news is that there is a definite place where the oil was leaking from the top end, none of the cam lobes or bearing surfaces look poopy, and I should be able to fix everything.

Bonus: I fixed this a while back, the chain was eating into the soft magnesium case side. I fixed it with JB, and 5 cents of good luck.