We actually managed to melt metal! We needed an adjustable propane regulator, the el cheapo from Home Depot did not do the job. With a 0-30 PSI regulator from Amazon, it worked great. Although I did need to block off the back for lighting. When the end was opened, the flame would back off into the pipe. With this, and the regulator set to about 2PSI, the aluminum melted pretty quickly. We even tried to do some greensand casting the second time around. The sand was much much too hot, and kinda exploded. We thought our pattern wasn't vented, so we tried again with some more venting. Same thing happened. We are drying our sand to try again, hopefully with less bubbly aluminum action.

Next steps:

  1. Try dry sand,
  2. Try investment casting
  3. Make an adapter between the hair dryer and the pipe
  4. Make better tongs