It's been a long time since I updated this. But here we go again.

This year I decided I wanted to do bees. Where I live, bees have bears to fear. Yes, Pooh Bear is a major threat to my fuzzy girls so I want to protect them. I have seen in the past people using automotive ignition coils to create the needed electric pulses of >6KV to scare a bear. I could buy one, but money (ha, diy will probably end up more expensive) and I wanted to add features like monitoring, low voltage alarms, and maybe even a mode to ramp up the shock factor when a bear is detected.

For this Effort, I found the ignition coil out of my old truck, and a spare that was inside the cab for some reason (?). Pictures of the coil and the ignition control module (ICM) are attached. Basically any module and coil from a 1995-05 GM truck or van with the 5.0, 5.7, or 4.3 v6 will match up. To get the connections right, I refer to this website to do that tells you how to troubleshoot an ignition system. basically it is easy as hooking up the wires from the ICM to the ignition coil and sending it a trigger pulse. The produced spark on this old ignition coil reached about 1 inch. However when a longer path was provided no spark was seen and a spark was heard which means it is shorting out internally.

the next thing I did was tested whether the ignition coil could be fired on 5 volts. For this, I just used a 7805 regulator dropped down from my main voltage source. this worked, but I don't think I will use this in the main application because I want to optically isolate the controller from the ICM. I may just leave it as is and do the isolation later due to time constraints.