I wanted to throw a RISC-V MCU into my motorcycle dashboard, so I figured the easiest thing to use would be a GD32V STM32 compatible RISC-V microcontroller, and worst case I could use a STM32 as they are pin for pin compatible. In order to test this, I took a cheap STM32 blue pill board and swapped the STM for a GD MCU. Following some trouble with that, 2 burned chips, and 1 burned board (Not sure if I killed it, but starting fresh "worked"), I managed to get the board to show up in lsusb and dmesg. I did have to remove R10 (Not sure if needed), but now I can upload code, through platformio. Now to get it working...

GD32V RicsV microcontrollers in an ESD bag on a messy desk
Chips from China
STM32 blue pill missing main microcontroller
Removed the STM
STM blue pill with a GDVF103 microcontroller installed
STM32 blue pill... Well a GD32 blue pill
Backside of blue pill missing R10
Removed R10 to make USB work (Don't know if needed)
Terminal output showing platformio output, download success.
platformio showing download to chip successful. No blinky yet though!