I've finally got my printer printing well for PETG, all it took was me dropping my glad bed and putting blue tape on the aluminum bed. The surface finish still isn't great, but the parts are functional.

bottom surface

These pieces clamp onto the forks, and bolt to a piece of slotted angle iron that holds the headlights. They have a captive nut on the inside. I made the hex holes with 1mm clearance. I may need to epoxy them in for strength, but that just adds a manual step. I really like the way I made these holes in the .scad file. I had a difference from the main body with the shape of the bolt hole, and the bolt recess. I just changed one of the recesses to have a $fn of 6 and mathed out the size. Super simple.

hex nut slot

I haven't tuned in the support completely yet, it still sticks a little at the bottom. That's not a big deal, just some room for improvement in my slic3r profile.
support cleanup

My McMaster order should be in today with the nuts and bolts for this, as well as some m6x0.75 bolts which I should be able to fix the carb with. I also got polyurethane to cast suspension and mounting bushings for the racecar. Updates to come!