When I heard that RiscV processors were easy to find from Chris Gammel on the Amp Hour, I bought a bunch from taobao and designed a board to work with them. Unfortunately they did not program easily on the board, so I got some actual dev boards. Note that the STM32 blue pill boards work great, just swap out the chips. GigaDevices screwed up their bootloader so they have code for a patched version of dfu-util which will write tho the chip. Some notes on my use of this follow. The gd32vf103inator has a patched bootloader which I wanted to use. I tried and tried to install this with the documentation provided, however it wouldn't work. I looked at the chip, turns out I had the cB version as opposed to the C8 version. They look very close on the chip. Basically the chips I had had less flash and ram. I modified the makefile to have 64Kb of flash, and 20Kb of ram and it worked great.