I assemble a SMD PCBs at times (1-4/month). One of my latest was LED eyelashes. Picking up the LEDs was tedious with tweezers, so I decided to take a page from Greg Davil's book and build a vacuum pickup tool. Basically I bought a cheapo vacuum pump (Wish I spent a little more; the nipples were broken), a current limiting power supply, a foot switch, and a syringe. I "fixed" the nipples by gluing a syringe to the right port. Pro tip, don't use JB plastic weld, use actual JB weld. I didn't get good adherence to the syringe. The vacuum goes through the foot switch, so the syringe tweezer gets either vacuum or free air. You need the free air so the part gets dropped. The power supply is set to output about 7V, and the current is adjusted so the pump stops when the vacuum is blocked. This just makes the pump a little quieter, however the power supply I got makes a horrible whine when current limiting. The voltage will just adjust how fast the motor runs, so how much vacuum gets "produced". I used hot glue lined heat shrink to couple cube and the syringe. Links and pictures below:




Power supply is taped to the vacuum pump
Glued the PSU to the motor
Footswitch and syringe
Footswitch and syringe
Footswitch, wiring, tubing and vacuum pump all in a box
It all fits in a small box!